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How To Make A Brides Bouquet

how to make a brides bouquet

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Afterlife Earrings Heaven

Afterlife Earrings Heaven

I’m almost shaking, as an old, crispy leaf shivers on a windy, yet extremely warm day at the end of the autumn. And this is my most enchanted day…

The dress I’m wearing is surreal. I manage to gather the last bit of courage I have in me and take myself in front of the mirror – only to loose my breath again. I’m closing my eyes for a second and I almost feel like crying – drunk with happiness.

Those gorgeous shoes are still on the floor and I chose the most divine pair of earrings – a bouquet of grace and glamour to go with the occasion. Soft, subtle sparkles from their tiny pearls combine with the frozen beauty of crystals – into a radiant pattern. A delicate drop, hanging just below the main cluster, makes the whole yet more feminine and more refined, while the honeycomb pattern - present in all types of crystals - adds a lovely sweetness to them.

They’re almost a vision made of ice, with only a touch of blue, and I know how amazing they must look when candles will project joyful, flickering lights onto them. Your eyes will be drawn to me, thinking how truly beautiful I am. And I, I will know…

For a moment in time, she glowed

For a moment in time, she glowed

All these fires we're having around LA now reminds me of last summer when I shot Cory & Craigs wedding in Santa Barbara. At that time, they were experiencing the Zaca fire which had burned several thousand acres, about 10 miles from where their ceremony site was in the hills. Didn't deter them. Some of their photos actually have the smoke in the background. Then I realized... I never posted any of them!

This was probably one of my favorite weddings from last year, and this might be one of my more favorite shots. They are truly in love and their friends & family couldn't be more supportive. Taking photos of them was the easiest thing in the world.

Anyway, HBW. That's about as much bokeh as I can put into a shot for now. Maybe later today I'll put up another one, just to test the Donkey out.

And I just found out a fire broke out closer to my house in the Malibu hills, so since I got in early, maybe I'll leave early to catch some fire photos.

how to make a brides bouquet

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